Advanced Energy Materials, LLC’s (ADEM) is a leader in bulk manufacturing of nanomaterials and developed a variety of nanowire-based materials.

The company’s mission is to become a global leader in designing and supplying catalyst products using nanowire technology. ADEM’s technology can transform the catalysis industry with its unique nanowire based catalysts, that can be applied into a wide range of catalytic-applications such as oil and gas refining, chemical processing and sulfur removal from fuels.

ADEM’s expertise in the synthesis of variety of nanomaterials including nanowires, nanoparticles, and mixed metal alloy nanoparticles with tunable compositions. ADEM’s materials and process innovations are necessary to our customers because of the strong need for ultra-low sulfur content fuels, for use in fuel cells and hydrodesulfurization applications. ADEM’s unique competency in the bulk manufacturing of nanowire and other unique nanostructured materials allows for high performance and low cost materials for adsorbents, catalysts and batteries.