Fuel Upgrading

In addition to having low sulfur content, diesel fuel with a high cetane number (CN) allows for reduced emissions and improved engine efficiency for heavy farm equipment. Currently, hydroprocessing refineries produce diesel with cetane numbers around 40-45. High performance premium diesel fuel requires cetane numbers on the order of 55-60, while not deteriorating the cold flow properties.


Our fuel upgrading catalyst uses advanced nanowire technology that improves cetane number for diesel, while removing sulfur or sustaining the presence of sulfur, which will have a transformational impact on refineries and the transportation sector. AdE-Ccat is designed to increase the cetane number for diesel by 8-10 units along with having a long catalyst life cycle. The product will upgrade diesel fuel by reducing the content of naphthalene and decalin (CN: 10-36) and increasing the content of n-decane and undecane (CN: 65-81) through selective ring opening mechanism. Diesel treated with AdE-Ccat has proven to maintain excellent cold flow properties.