LTO Nanowire Battery Materials

Lithium Titanate (LTO) material is a promising technology for lithium-ion batteries as an anode material. LTO with its improved safety, stability and high cycle life and rapid chargeability properties, makes it the best solution for Electric Vehicle applications. Also, LTO is known as zero-strain material, which undergoes less than 0.1% of volume expansion during the lithium ion intercalation and deintercalation during the lithium ion battery cycling.

Nanomaterials are more attractive for lithium ion batteries than bulk materials due to their excellent inherent properties at nanoscale. Because of the shorter path lengths for lithium ion diffusion which provides higher capacities even at higher rates of charge and discharge, higher capacity retention less than 2% loss, and high active surface sites.

Traditionally, nanoparticles of LTO have been used and the nanowire form of LTO is yet to be commercialized. ADEM has developed advanced methods to produce large quantities of pure spinel phase LTO nanowire as anode materials for lithium ion batteries. This method is low cost, energy efficient and impurity free. LTO nanowires are used as electro active anode materials for lithium ion batteries. Test data showed a specific discharge capacity of 165 mAh/g with 96-99% columbic efficiency. Currently, more than 70 percent of the world’s LTO production is located in China and ADEM’s unique technology based on nanowire based material could prove to be groundbreaking innovation for LTO battery technology.

Our LTO Battery Materials AdE-LTO-100 and AdE-LTO-200 are currently in stock for purchase in half kilogram quantities.

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