CO2 Adsorbents

CO2emissions are considered to be a major contributor to the global warming among all the Earth’s radiative-forcing components. Many countries are accelerating their drive to combat climate change with a significant focus on the power generation sector - the source of 40% of anthropogenic CO2emissions.In the EIA’s 2018 Annual Energy Outlook published Feb. 2018, it’s reported that energy-related CO2 emissions from industry grow 0.6 percent a year, and morethan 5 billion tons of CO2 every year to the atmosphere for the next three decades or more. ADEM has developed lithium ceramic based CO2 adsorbents with a high CO2 removal capacity (0.4 g g-1) at wide temperature range and fast regeneration process. These CO2 adsorbent products and its patented scalable manufacturing methods can lead to highly efficient CO2removal from stationary sources with a substantial energy savings. It’s crucial for industrial facilities in the US and the state of KY in reducing CO2 emissions towards globally competitive technologies.