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“AdeSulfurTM” - Hydrodesulfurization Catalyst

Catalyst ImageAdvanced Energy Materials’s technology demonstrates an advanced HDS catalyst, “AdeSulfurTM” for deep desulfurization purposes. Specifically, metal nanoparticles supported on zinc oxide nanowires are proposed for creating higher performance, reactive adsorbent type HDS catalysts. HDS is a process used for the removal of sulfur from fuels. In this process, Working Employeefuels are treated with hydrogen gas in the presence of a catalyst. The environmental regulations are continuously pushing down the sulfur levels allowed in transportation fuels and will continue to lower the limits much below 10 ppm in future. Also, low sulfur concentrations are desirable for various fuel cell and refinery technologies where presence of small amounts of sulfur can poison the catalysts. The current, traditional HDS catalysts are efficient in removing the sulfur to levels down to around 20 ppm and leaves behind difficult-to-remove sulfur compounds. AdEM introduces an advanced catalyst and a scalable and cost-effective manufacturing is proposed that can accomplish deep desulfurization for lowering sulfur levels down well below 5 ppm.

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Carbon Capture Adsorbents

Carbon Capture Adsorbents – AdEM has developed and tested high performance solid adsorbents for capturing CO2 from flue gases. With EPA’s new carbon pollution standards under the Clean Air Act, carbon capture technologies will become crucial for the survival of coal industry. The competitive advantage for AdEM’s product is to capture CO2 in gas stream at their exiting temperatures, without having to cool them down to lower temperatures. The adsorbents based on nanostructured lithium containing materials are synthesized using AdEM’s ultra-fast Solvo-Plasma™ technique. AdEM is currently producing gram scale nanostructured CO2 adsorbents and plans to increase production to kilogram scale for specific application testing.AdEM will be working with coal and gas fired power plants in Kentucky for adsorbent testing.

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Lithium-ion Batteries

Lithium ion BatteriesLithium-ion Batteries – AdEM has demonstrated and patented nanowire technology that yields high capacity retention and durability. With the demand for high safety and capacity in the lithium-ion battery industry, AdEM’s customized nanowires have a huge potential. AdEM is currently producing kilogram scale nanowire powders and plans to increase production to commercial scale for specific application testing. A major barrier today for lithium-ion batteries is cost and AdEM has the technology to overcome this barrier. AdEM’s nanowires enable higher performance and lower manufacturing costs for lithium-ion battery technology.

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