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About AdEM

About Us ImageAdvanced Energy Materials, LLC was started in 2010 with a primary focus to commercialize nanowire based materials, specifically for Hydro-Desulfurization Catalyst and Lithium-Ion Battery applications. AdEM has developed a break-through technology for bulk production of nanomaterials. The process converts metal oxide powders into nanowires. The technology is generic and has been proven to work with a wide variety of metal oxide systems. The nanowires find potential applications in Lithium-Ion batteries as anodes, cathodes and separators; Ultra Capacitors; Hydro-Desulfurization Catalysts; Photocatalysts and Fuel cell electrocatalysts. AdEM has demonstrated and patented nanowires that yield high capacity retention and durability.

AdEM in partnership with U of L has developed a break-through technology, SolvoPlasmaTM, for nanomaterials production. The SolvoPlasmaTM process converts inexpensive and abundant metal oxide powders into one-dimensional semiconducting materials via rapid oxidation in a plasma discharge operated at atmospheric conditions. The technology is generic and has been proven to work with a wide variety of metal oxide systems.

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AdEM’s long term strategy is to become a supplier of two technology driven products: high performance catalysts and high energy density lithium ion batteries for both auto and stationary applications. Both of these technology products are developed using company’s core strength in nanowire based materials production.

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AdEM’s vision is to grow into a commercial manufacturer for high performance products offered through two divisions: First division will focus on high performance catalysts; Second division will focus on supplying high energy density battery materials to automotive and industrial clients.